Dating after long relationship

13-Dec-2017 07:23

They throw themselves into their work, partying, friendships or even other relationships.But the danger of doing that is that those feelings haven’t gone away – they are just lying dormant and could re-appear at any time.If you have recently been through a divorce or if you have experienced the end of a significant relationship – dating again may be the last thing on your mind. It may take months or even years before you feel ready to meet someone new.But if and when you do – how can you do so with confidence?“Also, often times the person will have a lot of trust issues, and a deep-set sense of insecurity to such an extent that everything that the person will do will be for the approval of the other party in the relationship, in an effort to prove to the partner that he/she is enough for the them.” Mphunga also says that one could also be emotionally unavailable in the new relationship because he/she entered into it not because he/she wanted to, but because the situation one found him/herself called for it.“Maybe one came out of a relationship that had financial security and is looking for that financial security in another relationship, this can lead to being absent in the new relationship,” he explains.Personally, I always find it easier to move on from the last relationship, whether I'm a little hung up on the girl or I'm still worked up over the reason I broke up with her, as soon as possible. Then I'm over the last serious relationship and back in a good head space.But don't follow my example if it doesn't suit your life style.

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I'm currently in a long term relationship, but two weeks before I met her, I dated a girl for a few days.And as with any significant loss, it is important to give yourself the time and space to grieve for what has gone.