Is shepard smith dating

24-Sep-2017 21:02

Six paragraphs later, it noted that his date that night was a “muscular 6-foot-2…

white male.” Three days later, Gawker identified the date as a 26-year-old former production assistant on Smith’s old show, “The Fox Report.” (Smith, 49, is now anchor/managing editor of breaking news, and his boyfriend, Gawker says, is a producer at Fox Business.) Neither responded to the site’s numerous interview requests. He’s one of the good guys at a network that regularly pushes my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Smith addressed the elephant in the Fox newsroom during an April 21 speech at Ole Miss' Meek School of Journalism, where he was once a student. But it's harder when you like boys to find other people to roll like this.

Sitting in the audience: his father, stepfather and his partner. And by the way, you’re on television on the craziest conservative network on Earth,” he joked.”That will probably put you in front of a brick wall.

After the six years, they decided to part their ways and took a divorce. But there was a rumor that the reason for the divorce was the sexual orientation of Shepard Smith i.e. After the rumor, there are many questions which would arise in your mind. According to the Gawker, he may be romantically linked with a fellow Fox News staff named Giovanni Graziano, commonly known as “Gio.” Gio joined Fox News as a production assistant in 2011.

He was later transferred to Fox Business Network as an associate producer for Varney and Co.

Well, he is also one of the finest news anchors, and apart from anchoring, he has also invested in real estate and also in share markets. The two look liked to be happy, after all, they had quit the lovers prior the couple had bounded as husband and wife.

Sadly, after the time interval of six and more years, the two decided to get a divorce. Well, they both haven’t provided any official reason for the divorce like every other divorced pair, but there were rumors that the causes of the divorce were the Smith was a man with 'gay' sexual orientation.

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The couple was captured happy with each other for a certain time.And I know that sounds like such a load of (expletive), but it really is my truth.

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