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Because labeling of expiration dates is not regulated in a standardized manner, consumers are often misled into believing food should be discarded because of dates that state “use by,” “enjoy by,” “sell by,” best before,” and so on.

After all it’s not just what’s in food that is important, but also how long it will last, or how soon you need to eat it.

Having said this, it isn’t always possible to check expiration dates, because there is no Federal law that requires food dating – even though there are Federal regulations that govern labeling that gives other information including ingredients, nutrition facts, possible allergens, and now food must be handled.

Even though many states require some sort of date labels (including Georgia), nine (including New York) don’t and there is no consistency between those that do.

"In a part of space where there are few rules, it's more important than ever that we hold fast to our own. As far as I'm concerned, those are the best allies we could have." Starfleet General Orders and Regulations were a series of guidelines used to instruct members of Starfleet on the proper etiquette and policy in a situation that required consultation for a resolution.

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In a region where shifting allegiances are commonplace we have to have something stable to rely on. These protocols were the foundation of Starfleet and the responsibility of its officers to uphold and protect, ranging from all manners of duty, such as interstellar diplomacy to punctuation of reports.If relations with the Talosians have not changed, it could be this new General Order might have been made to include other planets that might be a threat to the Federation like Talos IV.

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