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I'd love to hear what you think of this series and this edition too!

;) (All characters depicted in this fictional story are above the age of majority/consent (18).) ...

"Sheila, I wanted to show you the folio of Bach etudes I just got." My wife made a little noise of interest and followed Gary down the hall.

I stayed behind; unlike Gary and Sheila, classical music isn't a major interest of mine.

Milking Kimberly By Esmeralda Greene Gary hooked his thumb vaguely in the direction of the room that he and Kimberly had converted to a nursery. "She'll be out in a few minutes." He often referred to his new baby as "the li'l one." In fact her name was Emily, but at six months, I suppose "the li'l one" is as good a tag as any.

Then with his other hand he hooked a thumb toward the hallway that lead to his music studio.

I made myself at home in the living room, slumping into the sofa and putting my feet up on the ottoman.

Gary and Kimberly are old friends, and we're pretty casual when we visit each other's homes.

Enjoy, Karene Howie Somehow in the process of him leaving for the cave, he let his hands get the better of him and he ended up making exceedingly good use of all that pent up sexual energy I had been generating all day. The ass and pussy fucking settle down while he rattles away on the clit.

I was fascinated at the prospects of witnessing their duel and possible outcome.

I challenged Dev to try and entice her, if he could. On the other hand, I pooh-poohed my wife’s guarded objections of Dev’s advances. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 9,660 | Tags: mmf seduction perseverance reluctance wife lovers indian | 3 Comments Laine decides that revenge is a dish best served hot am and I was still awake.

It was really tough to get my wife to agree to expeirience another male, but we tried hard.

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My friend Dev was bewitched by my wife Ritu, who is quite an eyeful; although not an easy game for prowling eyes. Subjects which are considered a little risque like blackmail, coercion and hard seduction, belong in this section.

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