Backdating claim director face insurers officer

12-Feb-2018 21:29

In July 2013 these requirements were met by passing a significant piece of legislation amending the Law on Insurance and other related laws.These amendments are so detailed and voluminous that it would take some time to describe and analyse them all.There is a seemingly ever-growing legal threat being faced by corporate executives, fueled by the multitude of entry points with which risks can penetrate and give rise to a severe loss.

With merger and acquisition activity rising in various sectors, combined with the expectation of a long overdue rebound in the U. IPO market, an increasing number of directors and officers will face challenges navigating unfamiliar governance requirements and exposures.This has prompted governing bodies such as the SEC to regulate such activity through the adoption of crowdfunding rules via provisions to the JOBS Act, which came into effect in 2016.Although beyond the scope of this article, crowdfunding practices can lead to concerns of exposing directors and officers to numerous liabilities, such as an exposure to material misrepresentations or omissions contained in such offerings.In addition to these factors is the multitude of startup incubators providing support through tutelage and/or angel investors who are ultimately seeking gains on their vested interest through the success of these businesses.

This will in turn positively influence the survival rate and success of more businesses, which are able to experience true scaling and later stage funding opportunities.

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