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Karsts represent hotspots of diversity and endemism, but are under-represented in protected areas and under significant threat.

With many species only occurring on a single site, the lack of protection and research means that the loss of each karst represents an incalculable loss of biodiversity.

The small settlement was first called Richmond, though it is not known why, and included a blacksmith’s shop and a grocery store.

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From this we move to reviewing relative threats, and regional prioritorisation for karst flora and discuss mechanisms for the development and implementation appropriate conservation initiatives to secure a better future for China’s karst flora.

This symposium brings together leaders from crowdsourcing platforms used by herbaria to discuss past successes, best practices, and future innovations, as well as organizers of the annual Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections (We Dig Bio) Event and citizen science activities at the United States’s National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (i Dig Bio) to discuss models for global and local partnerships.

The inaugural 2015 We Dig Bio event brought together thousands of volunteers from Botanic gardens lie at a powerful interface with many important functions: scientific research, horticultural improvement, public outreach, tree conservation, and forest restoration action.

Cotton Plant, once the cultural center of Woodruff County, is in a rich cotton-producing area.

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Though the population has dwindled, it is still one of the most historical sections of the county.

In addition, they have also agreed to forfeit the proceeds of the fraud.